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2011 Mock Draft 2.0

Okay here's my 2.0. I wanted to get it out sooner but with no free agency and the indivdual work outs there isn't going to be that much change for teams over the next three weeks...

1. Panthers: Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama- He's the best DT in this draft and the Panthers will rebuild the defense first.

2. Broncos: Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn- Second best DT in the draft and the Broncos need bodies on the defense for the 4-3 switch.

3. Bills : DaQuan Bowers, DE, Clemson- If the knee is good this will be the steal of the draft.Bills could take offers to trade down.

4: Bengals: AJ Green, WR, Georgia- I'm giving the Bengals a little credit here and there not buying into over spending for Newton.

5:Cardinals: Von Miller, LB Texas A&M- LB's need a huge upgrade in Arizona, right step and will start from day one.

6:Browns: Julio Jones, WR,Alabama- The Browns could go defense, but the Browns need a stud wide out.

7: 49ers: Patrick Peterson,CB, LSU- 49ers will take the best corner and insert him in a poor secondary.

8: Titans: Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri- Young wasn't the answer, they need to hit on this one and it will help erase the Young choice.

9: Cowboys: Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska- Need corners, strike now and take care of the OL in the 2nd.

10: Redskins: Anthony Castonzo, OT, BC- Skins should/could trade this pick, they need alot and this spot could produce extra picks.

11:Texans: Robert Quinn, LB, N.Carolina- Need better play makers on defense, Quinn will be an impact player.

12:Vikings: Jake Locker, QB, Washington-Still believe someone will gamble and it will pay off big.

13:Lions: Tyron Smith, OT, USC- Stafford is injuried alot, might be cause the OL is still average??

14.Rams: Cameron Jordan, DE, Cal- Could go DT, but with a deep DL draft they'll take a good DE.

15.Dolphins: JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin- To early to take a RB, OL, so add depth to the defense.

16.Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan, DE Purdue- They took a DE last year, this time there not reaching.

17.Patriots: Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama- BB knows the bloodline of this guy, and needs a RB that isn't from other teams rejects.

18.Chargers:Aldon Smith,LB, Missouri- The defense needs talent, OLB need the most.

19.Giants: Brandon Harris, CB, Miami- Secondary needs to get better, they need more bodies back there.

20.Bucaneers: Derek Sherrod, OT, Miss St- There offense is close on talent, OL needs upgrades though.

21.Chiefs: Stefen Wisniewski, C, Penn St- You can't pass up interior OL when your aging at the postion.

22.Colts:Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin- The OL is starting to show age, they need to protect Manning better then they have.

23.Eagles: Cory Liuget,DT, Illionois- AR doesn't pass up on linemen, Liuget falls and Reid takes him.

24.Saints: Muhammad Wilkerson,DT,Temple- Run defense wasn't great, they grab the guy shooting up alot of boards.

25.Seahawks: Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado- They need OL, but the secondary is horrible.

26.Ravens: Martz Wilson, LB, Illinois- This guy is a perfect Raven, hard hitter, knows the game, and upgrades there LB core.

27.Falcons:Justin Houston, DE, Georgia- Homestate pick, there defense needs depth.

28.Patriots:Nate Solder, OT,Colorado- Another need, offense gets the attention in the first round this year.

29.Bears: Jason Pinkston, G, Pitt- reach pick, but a must have.

30.Jets: Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio St- motor is perfect for a Ryan to coach.

31. Steelers: DeAndre McDaniel, S, Clemson- They rolled the dice a few years back on a safety in the draft early, that worked out.

32.Packers:Marcus Gilbert, OT, Florida- He's quitely moving up boards, and OT is still a need.

                      Round # 2

33.Patriots: Christian Ballard, DE, Iowa
34.Bills      :  Cam Newton, QB, Auburn
35.Bengals: Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon ST
36.Broncos: Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame
37.Browns:  Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa
38.Cardnials: Davon House, CB, New Mexico St
39.Titans: Aaron Williams, CB, Texas
40.Cowboys: Marcus Cannon, G/T, TCU
41.Redskins: Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas
42.Texans: Brooks Reed, LB, Arizona
43.Vikings: Mike Pouncey, C, Florida
44.Lions:  Mason Foster, LB, Washington
45.49ers : Christian Ponder, QB, Florida St
46.Broncos: Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor
47. Rams:  Mikel LeShoure, RB, Illinois
48.Raiders: Brandon Fusco, C, Slippery Rock
49.Jaguars: Kelvin Sheppard, LB, LSU
50.Chargers: Allen Bailey, DE, Miami
51.Bucaneers: Akem Ayers, LB, UCLA
52.Giants : Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU
53.Colts: Curtis Brown, CB, Texas
54.Eagles: Benjamin Ijalana, G, Villanova
55.Chiefs: Leanord Hankerson, WR, Miami
56.Saints: Quan Sturdivant, LB, North Carolina
57.Seahawks: Andy Dalton, QB, TCU
58.Ravens: Brandon Burton, CB, Utah
59.Falcons: Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland
60.Patriots:Jabaal Sheard, LB, Pit
61.Chargers: Jonathon Baldwin, WR, Pit
62.Bears: Titus Young, WR, Boise St
63.Steelers: Rodney Hudson, C, Florida St
64.Packers: Sam Acho, LB, Texas

Okay there is my first two rounds. I think three teams in the first round can get alot better from this draft with a possible surge in moving up or back into the first round to grab a QB;

Bills- Teams might want to get above the Bengals in case there starting to shop Palmer

Redskins- need the extra picks this year, Allen good get them a third this year with another first round pick next year.

Eagles- Reid could get that ich to load up for the draft next year, but getting an extra third or second this year would help the Eagles roster get deeper without coughing up Kolb....

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2011 Mock Draft 1.0

Okay so here is my 1.0 for the 2011 Draft. As there really isn't any clear cut top ten choices in the "big boys mocks" this years draft is going to be a crap shoot. Once again I'm not to high on the QB class, alot of projects or shall we say some of these guys do need to hold the clipboard for a season. My major head scratcher for this 1.0 is at #7 the 49ers pick, lets just say its a "west coast thing" and Harbugh is the one that starts the reach process. Carolina is on the clock, now I'm not thinking thinking the must go QB, they could get a free agent QB, this team needs a revamp on defense, so it starts there:

1.Panthers : Marcell Dareus DT Alabama- In my eyes this guy is the best DT this year, Rivera starts his rebuild here.
2.Broncos  : Nick Fairley DT Auburn- John Fox is switching back to the 4-3, needs a tackle that can plug the holes.
3.Bills       : Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson- They could go QB, but the lack of DE on there current rosters screams help.
4.Bengals : Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri - Palmer wants out, of course the Bengals have no replacement, must have pick here.
5.Cardinals: Von Miller OLB Texas A&M- Could go QB, but with so many needs, they must get a stater at the OLB spot.
6.Browns   : AJ Green WR Georgia - Could go DE or CB, but there offense isn't that far off from being good, so get the second best WR.
7. 49ers   : Jake Locker QB Washington- So many other needs, but Harbugh has is QB of the future for the next ten years.
8.Titans   : Patrick Peterson CB LSU- They need DE's and a QB, but CB's is also a serious need, and this is a defensive team first.
9.Cowboys: Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska- Could go OT, but a corner is been need for two seasons now.
10.Redskins: Robert Quinn OLB N Carolina-They could trade down, with many holes Quinn steps in and becomes a starter right away.
11.Texans : Ryan Kerrigan OLB Purdue- Kerrigan is moving quickly up boards, Must pick here.
12.Vikings:  Cameron Jordan DE Cal- QB is a must, but I'm not thinking Cam Newton is there guy.
13.Lions :  Julio Jones WR Alabama- The best WR in this class, other needs for the Lions but with Johnson the could be the best duo.
14.Rams : Mark Ingram RB Alabama- They need depth, and this guy can help prolong Jacksons health.
15.Dolphins: Cam Newton QB Auburn- No inter OL this early, so take the best athlete, sorry Fins fans needed to stick him some where.
16.Jaguars: JJ Watt DE Wisconsin- Stll need DE's after last years reach in the draft, Watt is solid.
17.Patriots: Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College- There OL is in need of talent and players not demanding more money.
18.Chargers: Aldon Smith OLB Missouri- LB's is need for the Chargers, outside and in .
19.Giants: Brandon Harris CB Miami- C or G is a need, but Harris helps a leaking secondary
20.Buccaneers: Tyron Smith OT USC- Freemen needs better protection, Smith has been rising up many boards.
21.Chiefs : Martez Wilson ILB Illinois- Line him up next to Jackson and the Chiefs run defense just got a lot better.
22.Colts  : Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St- They need to add youth and talent to block for the master.
23.Eagles: Jimmy Smith CB Colorado- Must have, they need another starter its that simple.
24.Saints :Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois- They need depth, and someone that can stay healthy.
25.Seahawks: Nate Solder OT Colorado- OL needs work, don't carry who the Qb is cause it doesn't matter cause they cant protect him.
26.Ravens: Justin Houston OLB Georgia- Houston looks and plays like a Raven, plus they need OLB help.
27.Falcons:Christian Ballard DE Iowa- Need help opposite Abraham, there depth isnt really looking up.
28.Patriots: Stefen Wisniewski C/G Penn St- They rebuild there OL in the first round quickly and protect Brady alot better.
29.Bears:  Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin- There OL is still the ugly of this team, and with no WR's here now, take the OL man.
30.Jets :   Muhammand Wilkerson DE Temple- A fast riser, and a need for the J-E-T-S!
31.Steelers:Davon House CB New Mexico St-Steelers have injuires and were abused against the Packers in the Suber Bowl.
32.Packers: Cameron Heyward DE Ohio St-Packers have holes, but DE right now is the best investment.

Okay there is my 1.0, I'm sure there will be changes come 2.0. I will have the second round in my 2.0.

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Everyday Planning is just as questionable as.....

Everyday planning is just as questionable as the gameday planning.....

I have never been more confused as an Eagle fans in all my years then what I am today.. For the life of me I can not understand why a professional sports team wouldn't "plan ahead" for what is about to happen in the NFL. "Lockout" or "Strike" is now a reality, and with over a year of knowing it was coming, ( lets face it when its about the almighty $$, there is going to be an issue) why wasn't this front office proactive in moving one of the starting two QB's this team has to gain extra draft pieces for the upcoming draft? Do they not see that this OL is still as horrible as the one the Cowboys abused last year? Or the lack of actual starting CB's that well honestly had one good stater to start the season, and a bunch of " never has beens" or "never will be's".

Instead of the extra pieces the Eagles are going to cost themselves, and there fans another season of "once and done" again in 2011!
The thought process would be simple, Vick is 30 yrs old, slap the franshise tag on him and let teams offer tons of money to him and the Eagles get those extra pieces for the draft to continue to build this younger team younger! But that can't happen now, since again the "lockout" will prevent any players moving to another team for draft picks, without a signed CBA. Nor will they have a normal courtship during free agency, again no signed CBA no players will sign any contract nor will a team offer an outragous amount of cash without an agreement.....

What should have happen last summer is this, take what ever the highest bid for Vick was and move on! Sure would cost the team a first round pick this year but with the deep class of secondary guys the Eagles could cash in, have the extra picks and saved cash on a second round pick instead of paying first round money on two players. And it would have given Kolb, (remember Kevin Kolb he was the guy handed the keys to this offense once McNabb was sent packing to DC) the chance to grow, sure it wasn't going to be a Pro Bowl season, but it would have been a season in learning on the field. Yes he was injuried, a journeyman QB could have been found to back up Kolb, and of course the season might not have been any better in the win column, but geez the defense wasn't so hot, special teams didn't come out like "wedge busters" nor did the OL show any improvements from the Dallas disasters, so in all it would have been exactly what common sense Eagle fans were saying all off season, "its a rebuilding year" not a reloading year.

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Three Games Left....

Yesterday's game plan on defense against the Ducks should be dialed up the rest of the season by Coach Holts... There was huge difference in the way that team came out, press coverage was the perfect call, and the sell out against the run was perfect. I know the final score, but that first half showed what this young defense can do when there cut loose. At times this season opposing teams have had big gains when the Huskies defense dials up a blitz and someone blows there assignment, but again this unit is still very young. Lets face it we never saw true freshmen start in the James\Lambright era, but they never had the issues of depth on there teams. Coach I know your trying to get this group to learn the basic concept of your base defense, but your talent out there on the field can run with some of the faster teams in the Pac 10, so keep dialing the press up. Your secondary is showing signs of taken one on one and playing well.

There was some high hopes with Jake returning this season, and quit frankly the defense has taken the heat for poor play all season long. I'm aware of the stats, the rankings in the run department and passing game. But what people have to realize is the simple fact the cupboard was totally bare when this coaching staff took over, I think they have plug some of the holes, but Rome wasn't built in a day. This young fast defense is only going to get better as they gain the playing time. Coach Holts I'm sure Sark has told you to "hold but don't break mentality".. The bottomline is cut these guys loose alittle more, your unit showed you yesterday that they can run with the so called best, let them play there game, and I'm sure they can be a better unit then whats been seen so far.....
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2010 Mock Draft 2.0

1.Rams - QB Bradford, OU: So the debate of Clausen vs Bradford has begun,I'm sticking with the sure thing here...
2.Lions -  DT   Suh    , Neb: Rumors are that the Lions could go McCoy here, but Suh is still the best of the DT class stick with him..
3.Bucs  -  DT McCoy , OU : Taken who ever the Lions pass on, either way that DL is getting an upgrade with either pick.
4.Skins- OT Okung,Okla St: There OL is the problem, need to upgrade that before putting a millioniare QB back there....
5.Chiefs-OT Bulga, Iowa: Chiefs need to address there OL bad, so why not get a LT that will fill the hole for the next ten years...
6.Hawks-RB Spiller,Clemson: With the big two OT off the board, Hawks can pick up the LT with the 14th pick in the draft this year...
7.Browns- S Berry, Tenn: Lot of holes to fill, but the Browns have plenty of picks this draft, draft at value and they will fill needs quickly..
8.Raiders-QB Clausen, ND: I'm sticking with this one, just one of those funny feelings that Davis likes to make weird picks....
9.Bills- OT Williams, OU: Another team needing an OT, they take him now ...
10.Broncos- ILB McClain, Bama: Defense, defense, they need a youth movement, and it starts in the middle of that D....
11.Jaguars- CB Haden, Florida: Haden drops out of the top ten, Jags need corners that can be lights out.....
12.Dolphins-OLB Graham, Mich: Sure can be a 4-3 DE, put in a 3-4 Parcells defense, well this guy is going to be OLB animal....
13.49ers- OT Campbell, Maryland: A serious need, they take the best OT on the board.
14.Hawks- OT Davis, Rutgers: Davis is sliding down alot of boards, the Hawks reach here, but its a serious need...
15.Giants- DT Williams, Tenn: Defense needs upgrades, start on the line and make your way back.
16.49ers- S Mays, USC: Need pick, but come 3.0 time, this might change, there could be a WR taken with this pick....
17.Titans- DE Morgan, GT: With the run of OT again, this guy falls, and the Titans get a serious need addressed....
18.Steelers- DT Odrick, PSU: Listed at DT, could line up as end for the Steelers, this guy gives them two players in one...
19.Falcons- DE Pierre-Paul SF: Athletic, little raw, but will grow in the role very nicely for the defense....
20.Texans- G Iupati, Idaho: OL needs interior help, this guy plays old school way, can be a good blocker in the zone scheme...
21.Bengals- FS Thomas, Tex: Defense still has holes, this guy is a multiple role player, plug him in and the secondary will be upgraded..
22.Patriots- WR Bryant, Okla St: Suprise pick, but the Pats have four picks in the first two rounds, value picks ....
23.Packers- OLB Kindle Texas: Needs the OT but the 3-4 needs help too, Kindle is a good pick here.
24.Eagles- OLB Weatherspoon Mis: A must pick, not even going to discuss.
25.Ravens-DE Dunlap, Flor: Has dropped, but with veteran leadership this guy career could have a huge upside....
26.Cards- OLB Hughes,TCU: Lot of holes on the defense, Hughes can be a special player in the desert....
27.Cowboys- OT Brown, USC: A little reach, but they need OL help....
28.Chargers- Matthews, Fresno St: They released there entire backfield this offseason, start here...
29.Jets- CB McCourty, Rutgers: has been climbing boards all over, Jets need some holes filled to make another run...
30.Vikings-CB Wilson, Boise: secondary needs help.
31.Colts- C Pouncey, Florida: I know they have Saturday, but this guy can start at guard, and move over after that...
32.Saints- DE Griffen, USC: That front line on the defense is a good place to start.....

2nd round *******
33.Rams- DT Price, UCLA
34.Lions- CB Jackson, Bama
35.Bucs-  WR Tate, Notre Dame
36.Chiefs- TE Gresham, OU
37.Skins- OLB Washington, TCU
38.Brwons- WR Thomas, Georgia Tech
39.Raiders- ILB Spikes, Florida
40.Chargers- DT Cody, Bama
41.Bills- DE Wootton, Northwestern
42.Patriots- CB Franks, OU
43.Dolphins- WR LaFell, LSU
44.Bucs- OLB Sapp, Clemson
45.Broncos- OT/G Saffold, Indiana
46.Giants- CB Robinson, FSU
47.Patriots- FS Allen, S Florida
48.Panthers- DE Cunningham, Florida
49.49ers-     WR Williams, USC
50.Texans- RB Dwyer, Georgia Tech
51.Chiefs- G Ducasse, U Mass
52.Steelers- RB Best, Cal
53.Patriots- OLB Misi, Utah
54.Bengals- DT Alualu, Cal
55.Eagles- CB Cook, Virgina
56.Packers- OT Veldeer, Hillsdale
57.Ravens- SS Jones, LSU
58.Cards- TE Gronkowski, Arizona
59.Cowboys-OG Asamaah, Illionis
60.Hawks- DT Houston, Texas
61.Jets- OLB Worilds, Virgina Tech
62.Vikings- DT Thomas, North Carolina
63.Colts- CB Ghee, Wake Forest
64.Saints- ILB Lee, Penn St.....

Some changes in the first round since 1.0, I will have 3rd round figured in next time.....

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2010 Mock Draft 1.0

Okay so I wanted to get this up before the FA period begins. Granted I've been posting on the thread with the boys on the Eagles board, and of course I already have some changes from that one after the combines and some serious imput......

1. Rams- QB, Bradford OU- Take your franshise QB, granted passing on the stud defensive player hurts but QB is important..
2. Lions-  DT, Suh  Neb- Thanks Rams and watch the next great one have a great career in the motor city.
3. Bucs-   DT, McCoy OU- I had them with a DB on the other, but with one of the stud DL falling to them, they have no choice.
4. Skins-  OT, Okung  OSU- That OL was the problem with that team last year, address that first franchise OT never hurts.
5. Chiefs- OT, Davis Rutgers- Someones Rutgers "homer" blood is starting to get to me, I'm like this big boy more and more.
6. Hawks- OT, Campbell Maryland- With the run on OT and an extra 1st round pick take this one is easy.
7.Browns-  S, Berry Tenn- I'm still trying to come to grips with putting a safety in the top 10, but this looks real good.
8.Raiders- QB, Clausen ND- This was my orignial pick, makes sense, no speed, local kid, and they need to find a QB.
9.Bills-      OT, Williams OU- Buffalo needs a QB but there tackles blow, take your tackle first.
10.Broncos- MLB, McClain Bama- Defense was a patch job with older guys, slap this guy in the middle for the next ten years.
11.Jaguars- CB, Haden Florida- Best corner in the draft falls out of the top ten its a huge pick up.
12.Dolphins-DE, Dunlap Florida- Work ethic is in question, already custom to the S Florida weather, huge upside, and Parcells.
13.49ers-   OT, Bulaga, Iowa- Had him later to the 49ers originial but the can't wait any longer with this guys stock climbing
14.Hawks-  RB, Spiller Clemson- Took the OT first now gets a franchise RB also.
15.Giants-DE, Morgan  GT- LB's is a need, but with this guy being called the best in the class perfect pick.
16.49ers- FS, Mays USC- Alot of talk about this guy, Singletary wont move him to LB, builds his secondary up better here.
17.Titans-DE, Griffin USC- With Morgan going to Gmen Titans take the second best DE in this class
18.Steelers-DT Williams Tenn- DL needs a fusion of youth, Williams is built to succeed in the Steel City.
19.Falcons-CB Thomas Texas- original pick and sticking so far
20.Texans- G Iupati Idaho- They have nothing in the middle and they need to beef that up.
21.Bengals-WR Bryant OSU- This guys attitude with Johnson, its going to be a great show.
22.Patriots- DE Pierre-Paul SF- This guy is made for the 3-4 they will line him up at the DE spot and he will a pro bowl player.
23.Packers- OT Brown USC- The Packers are close, but that OL needs an upgrade.
24.Eagles- DE Graham Michigan- Thanks Bishop you changed my mind.
25.Ravens- WR LaFell LSU- height, speed, and hands something Flacco seriously needs.
26.Cards-  OLB Sapp Clemson- Theres always a faller, and the Cards get a stud
27.Cowboys- OLB Kindle Tex- No OT left, so why not take a local guy that can play well in a 3-4 and give you an upgrade.
28.Chargers-RB Dwyer GT- San Diego let all there back go during the offseason, it's a must
29. Jets- WR Tate ND- I know this a weird pick, but Sanchez needs more weapons, and this guy is going to very good.
30.Vikings-RB Best Cali- they need another target out of the backfield for the west coast, Best is the perfect fit here.
31.Colts-CB Franks OU- They need some depth back there.
32.Saints-OLB Wetherspoon Miss- They need depth and younger players on that defense, why not start at the LB spot..

Okay so some changes from the thread, I will add the second round in 2.0 after the FA signing period is off and running really good. I'm sure it will adjust some things in the first round.....

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Notre Dame Football......

Once again the administrators have bowed down to the boosters and fired another winning coach. You would think after this time, Weis replacing a winning coach prior to his arival, would have learned there lesson and given this current coaching staff one season. Let's face it, the Irish have issues on there defense, that sums up there 2009 season. If they could have stopped opposing offenses there record would be alot better. But now along with replacing a head coach, there also going to run Clausen and Tate right out of town also.

Which means the new Irish coach will not profit from having a return quarterback or a stud wide reciver. Thats strike one. The other thing it creates is the possiblity that recruits (being recruited by Weis) will no longer consider Notre Dame since one of the reason of attending a certain college is who the head coach is, not because of the name of the university. Which is already began, the top rated defensive end in high school has revoked his verbal commitment, once again it was the defense that costed the Irish a BCS game this year. Strike two....

In the past the new head coach coming in has had a winning record since there is a strong returning class, but with Clausen and Tate ready to bolt to the pro's that leaves a huge question mark now on the offense, an offense that kept Notre Dame in alot of games this season. So now this new head coach will have to address a problem defense, but now a high powered offense that lost two of its biggest weapons. Strike three............

Colleges don't have the patients anymore for a coach to fully get his named stamped on the program, and it's under standable, but Weis was showing life. That offense was heading towards greatness, he rebuilt the offensive line, which could have costed Clausen some extra bumps, but it was starting to gel. Weis is a very talented coach, he wasn't a fool, he knew darn well that defense need depth and more talent, which the coaching staff was after during the recruiting. The goal is to win a championship, but to get there you need the pieces in place to get there, Weis was close. Close enough for the next coach to take over? Doubt it, since now he will be starting a lower classman at the quarterback spot....

Congrads Irish boosters, you just set a program back another three more years, garenteed, hopfully you learn and give this next coach the time to establish something before you run him out of town too....
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Band Wagon Fans

Went up saturday night to catch the M's Red Sox game at the "Safe" . Now I've been going to M's games for over 29 years now, and lets face it the Norhtwest has a very large pool of fans. Yes there is the M's fans and then you have the "transplants" were people move here to the Northwest but continue to follow there favorite teams, heck I'm a die hard Eagles fan here in the Northwest and I wear my green with pride even in Seachicken country. But what I saw saturday night was to much. Red Sox nation has hit an all time high here in the Northwest, the sea of Red was unbelieveable. But I started thinking that it reminded me of the 90's and all the Yankee fans showing up at games when the Yanks were in town. It wasn't until about the third inng when the guy behind me made a comment about the Red Sox chants and all the red. He was talking to the couple sitting next to them, and he's says" there's no way there's this many Sox fans in the Northwest." I thought about it for a moment then turned around and said, " The were Yankee fans once and jumped ship once the SS Yankee started to sink, and jumped on the Red Sox's boat." As soon as I said it the Red Sox fan sitting behind the guy I was talking to put his head down as soon as I made my comment. I looked at him and said is it true? He told me he had become a fan since the M's fell off the baseball radar. This raised my intrest and was starting  to prove my theory as being correct. So I decided to take a walk and ask some fans the truth. It's amazing how once this folks get some acohol in there systems they start talking openly and freely. Once my little experment was compelete my theory was dead on. The big thing was how many use to be Yankee fans, I know there is a law on the East Coast about switching from the Yanks to the Soxs. I was listening to the pre game show yesterday on the radio, and the voice of M's baseball asked the skipper how he felt seeing all the Red in the stands and the skipper was very upset with it. He thought it was fans giving up on an organzation that hit a rough patch, but is ready to re build and turn this thing around like it was in the late 90's and 2001. I think Safeco should have a camera at each entrance photo shooting fans when the come in to the stadium, that way when fans come in in the opposing teams colors they are on record, then when the M's start competing for titles again, we wont have any band wagon fans jumping back on the SS Mariner. I think it's part of the agreement as a fan, you stick with your team no matter what happens with that team. Yankees fan , good stay with them. Don't give up on them since they traded for Alex. Mariners, so what they have a revloving door with managers and over paid players, roll with it, the good times are coming again, and its going to be a lot faster then people think....

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